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Thumbs down Navigator - Very Poor Value

Our last cruise was 10 years ago and we had a ball on Majesty and Monarch. We have kids now and we went on the Navigator. The ship was great and the crew was good, but overall it was a very lousy experience.

The food in the buffet was no better than Shoneys or Golden Corral. The food in the main dining area wasn't much better. I can see Americans eating this trough food, but I would be curious if they try to throw this crap at Europeans. The food was garbage. Even the ice cream in the pool area was cheap frozen yogurt.

The next item that I felt was of poor value was the service. The individuals providing the service were fine, but there were too few crew members to provide the service. I wasn't really expecting a self service cruise experience. If I wanted a drink or towels I had to go stand in line somewhere and get it.

The kids begged us not to send them to Adventure Ocean (the kid watching area) after their first visit.

Belize was a crap hole. I got to take a tour of Belize city and see the open sewers. The crew members warned us that Belize city is dangerous and they would prefer to stay in Cozumel for 2 days. I agree after seeing Belize.

This cruise was like living in a crowded urban setting, the service was what I provided myself, the food was coach class. Heck, for this kind of money you can rent a nice beach house, eat at nice restaurants every night, and not wait in lines.

Overall, this was a very poor experience and not a very good value. Go somewhere else. If you like Disney World, large crowds, and poor food then this is the cruise for you.
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