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Default Welcome aboard. next week someone new

Just like at a Hotel treat the staff with respect, say Hello and Thank you.
You are not their buddy, maybe over time as they get to know you over many cruises. They have a job to do.

We use the Autotip method per the Cruise Line policy. Certainly save worry about having enough and right cash in various domination's and of course it is US$ normally.

Will tip $1- $2 for room service, long halls, heavy trays and gets to a person who is normally not on the food chain.

Tip first day , wrong message based on culture or self importance or perceived passenger arrogance. Communication needed.

End of cruise, some extra monies , more of a surprise to those you felt deserve more
Crew knows who autotipped or not.

Say goodbye to staff , shake hands , smile , thank them
Four hours later, you are history but perhaps in their memory, a pasenger who made their job easy .

Cheers :-D
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