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While it s true that Bush ran up our debt like no president before him, and I admit I was not aware of what he was doing, it has gotten far worse under this administration.

Things like entitlements are bad - we just extended the benefits for people on unemployment - which we need in some cases, and in some cases it just prolongs people being on the dole.

We don't need to have our troops all over the world. Either.

Unfortunately, this current set of politicans are the worst spenders in history - I think we all know that. A $728B "stimulus" bill that was nothing but pork for armadillos and turtles to cross roads. Even Bill Mahr last week said "when I spend $728 billion I want to see at least one railroad - even if it just goes to the mall."

"The teabaggers" as Obama just referred to them, will have their number 1 complaint in the spotlight now - the national debt. They don't look all that crazy anymore.

I thought the left would be out today just saying "this is more proof you can't trust Wall Street." This whole downturn started with the Goldman Sachs hearings. BUt I am guessing even they are scared now. If we lose the stock market recovery we lose the one part of our economy that was looking up.

We are now at the point where almost 80% of our national budget comes from debt. Most of Europe is worse off. In Greece they are over 100% - they owe more than their national debt. That only leads one place - massive inflation - the robber of everyone.
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