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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
here it is in a nutshell ---

First - the old policy is completely gone unless you booked your cruise before May 17. In that case you are still fully entitled to the old best price guarantee.

With new bookings it works like this:

If you put down a deposit only before the final payment is due you can watch for price drops and put down the final payment whenever you want at the lower price. You are NOT obligated to pay the price the cruise was when you made your deposit.But you must make the final payment before the penalty period starts (usually 90 days ahead of the sail date) or else pay whatever the price is on the day final payments are due.

If you happen to have made a full payment and the penalty period has not yet started and the prices drop you can ask for an upgraded stateroom selling for the amount you paid for your stateroom (assuming all the cruise fares on the ship went down) and RCL will try to accomodate you.

In the absense of these two conditions (meaning you booked during the penalty phase by paying full price) you are stuck with the 48-hour best price guarantee limitation. If you see a better price within 48 hours you fill in a form showing the lower price and you will receive a 110% shipboard credit for the difference between what you paid and the new price. This offer ends 48 hours after you "make" your final payment.

That's it.
I am not sure where you are getting your information from, but that is not even close to what I was told. I spoke to a travel agent (who specializes in cruises) and RCCL and was told the following:
1) I am able to receive any price drop that happens right up until final payment. In order to get this price drop I do not have to pay the rest of balance at that time. I can pay it on the final payment date, just as I would with the old policy.
2) If there is a price drop that happens within 48 hours of me booking a cruise, than I get an onboard credit for 110% of the price difference.
3) Final payment date is 70 days prior. It is only holiday sailings that require final payment before 90 days.
4) If the price drops after final payment, I can ask for an upgrade.
5) When I put down a deposit, I am guaranteed that price. I do not have to pay the price that is in effect on final payment date.

The Q&A on cruisecritic also mentions this same info. I have a hard time believing that a spokesperson for the cruiseline would do an interview with a well known cruise site and purposely give false information. Therefore, I am treating the Q&A on cruisecritic as fact.

The policy as posted on RCCL's website is confusing. However, the information that you are giving is inaccurate.
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