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Hi Talenavi,

I'm really not sure how these threads/posts work and which i'm supposed to by replying to or how to private message you. I do hope you get the messages - though I know it might be difficult when you are on the ship. Please feel free to call me asap (though i'm not sure if that's even possible from the ship) I'm on e-mail too but not in the evenings (

If I do get your e-mail at work during the day, I can send you the booking number and you could talk to whomever you need to on the ship to tell them you'll be staying on board. I want to get the booking number to you so again 'cuz i'm sure you'll need it. Feel free to call anytme (don't worry if it's after midnight, whenever is no problem) if you are interested. 585-703-2113 I'm on Verizon.

Best regards,
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