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and i figured out the plot (since DTW lives in Florida it might be better to be a CSI Miami episode)

Dave The Wave concocts this scheme to win a new car sales contest by advertising a special promotion for single young ladies between the ages of 18 thru 25 that sign a pledge that they will remain innocentuntil they get married or turn return they will qualify for a new Honda Element at zero percent interest, with no $$$ down and a 10 year repayment plan.... plus a 7 day cruise on DTW's favorite cruise line..what they don't know until they check in for their cruise that DTW is their cabin mate...the mother's of these young ladies decide to get even with DTW by organizing a Cougars Cruise and inviting the unsuspecting DTW to be the judge for 2010 Cruising Cougar of the Year

once the ship sails, the Cougars keep DTW in his inside cabin and do their version of the movie "Misery" with special guest Cougar Kathy Bates (they told DTW that Demi Moore was going to be his co-judge) ...DTW sneaks off the boat on the last day of the cruise and when he reports to his car dealership on monday morning he receives an email from Florida Girl stating that she will post an embarassing viral video on YouTube of DTW's week in his cabin ..enraged at this blackmail attempt, DTW reports the kidnapping and Horatio Cane investigates and declares the cabin a crime scene
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