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Unfortunatly this is common business practice for the PVP's. Anytime you look online, or call in they establish what they call a "lead". That lead will be kept on file for them to send promos and have the PVPs able to call..send emails..write letters. That give them just a little over 32 million leads and counting.

Being a former employee at CCL, the PVPs cause more internal drama than they make business. Not all but most. So most do not care if you are booked with CCL direct or thru a TA, to them a name and number is another chance for a sale. Its a shame because there TA sales still beat out there PVPs.

To this day my fav was while im still working at CCL, I get a phone call the same as yours..."my name is so and so..and im your new PVP" I couldnt quit laughing when I told her she was calling me while I was in the CCL break room.

Thanks for letting me rant...felt good.
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