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Hi again Talenavi!!

That's too bad about your resident card. I'm so sorry i missed you before i got on the ship. I kept checking my phone. That was one of my biggest fears - losing my important documents, but unbelievably it didn't happen. I had soooo much fun I truthfully didn't mind paying the difference either quite honestly. I pretty much feel like I ONLY ever want to travel by myself now - it's so worth the money and you don't have to worry about anyone else and whether they are having fun or not. andi had THE BEST time!

The weather was absolutely perfect and the food was yummy and I even lost 8 lbs 'cuz I was dancing till 4 am every morning. Plus being in the sun and running around, you sweat it off too.

I met three awesome families and hung out with them separately all week. A family of five from NJ (two sons and a daughter 26 to 32) they were my after-dinner dancing family (10 pm to 4 am). Next was the PA family of 5 (daughter and parents and aunt and uncle) who I never would have met if I hadn't missed my flight. They were my dinner time / excursions / wedding at the Ritz family they were a blast and absolutely hysterical. I met Crystal when I was checking in 15 minutes before the ship was leaving (due to the fact i issed my flight). Her boyfriend had to cancel the day before 'cuz his father was sick - so we were in the same boat having a room to ourselves. Her mom Barb looked like she was her sister - she was 43 and then we became fast friends too. They invited me & Josie (my medical alert yorkie) to their 25 year wedding renewal and Josie was even posed in the wedding pictures

Then there was a mother/daughter (from CA and Manhattan) and they were my breakfast and lunch friends and lay out in the sun friends (also had a couple of dinners with them).

I am soooooo happy I went I needed this vacation so bad !! Let me know where you end up on your next cruise. i don't always check here so feel free to write my on yahoo.. I have all my cruise pics up on facebook if you want to add me as a friend - search for the e-mail address.

Take care and safe travels

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