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Donna is exactly right and is just an example of what I was trying to point out. Most people conduct themselves in a decent manner but there's always those who for whatever reason,just have to act like they are oblivious to the other people around them and don't care what kind of problem they are creating. Fern is also right in that sometimes a door will slam accidentally--I've had it happen to me--leave the balcony door open, the wind can rush through like a tunnel and slam the door before you can catch it. These are common accidents--but accidents don't happen each and every time you come and go in / out the door, especially late at night.Drunks don't come in accidentally each night 2-3 a.m. loudly talking. slamming, fighting, yelling at each other , etc.
Most people who read and are on this site are people who have cruised before, conduct themselves in a considerate manner, etc, and I would be happy to be neighbors on a cruise or anywhere else with any of them.
Unfortunately, and it's very plain to anyone who will take the time to look, that people are becoming more and more inconsiderate of others, whether asea or afloat, and more consumed with the " it's all about me " thing.
Happy sails to all, happy slamming to the slammers in the slamming section and to the one or two who may have thought I was serious about some being wealthy enough to afford doors, it was intended as humor--you know-- not serious-- like on the funny side , etc.
Now I've got to saddle my high horse and ride off to Walmart to buy some fancy clothes to wear to a funeral tomorrow.
Lovingly yours,
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