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Originally Posted by Artistammy View Post
For the airlines & customs do you need to have vitamins in original containers like prescriptions? I'd rather be able to pack them in a pill box if it will work.
Hi Tammy! I've flown and cruised and gone through customs with many supplements. I usually hang on to the smallest empty original bottles to use for travel. Some things, I've just used an empty RX bottle and put a tape label with contents written. Have never had any problems. I usually pack them in large clear zip type bags so anyone can see labels easily. This is just me--but I think if all were in only hand labeled containers, you might run into some questions.
This is merely a suggestion, but if you had them all in a daily use container-----------well I think I'd want to bring some original labels along.

I know I don't either want to be delayed on my trip, nor do I want to dispose of them.

Hope this has been of some help. Sig
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