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Friday – June 25
By the way - here is my first picture album:
I had a nice night’s sleep – the studio stateroom area is quiet if nothing else.
I still have a significant problem with my shower however, nothing but hot water. I was in the shower last night and jumped in when it felt temperate. I noticed it getting a little too hot so I dialed it back and just figured it would take a minute for the water to equalize. I turned the spigot away and lathered up. Wait a minute, my feet are stinging, there is nothing but scalding water coming out. I turn the temperature control all they back to cold but it doesn’t work – nothing but steaming hot water for minutes no matter what I do. I jumped out and toweled the soap off my body.
I told my room steward and he said he would report it. This morning I got in the shower and the exact thing happened with the water. Of course, I did not jump in like last night. The water was steaming hot within minutes.
I went to guest services to report the problem (again) – the line was 48 people deep. Talking to the staff she told me she put in a maintenance request. “Do you have any idea when it will be fixed?” “No, I’m sorry, I put in the request that’s all I can do.” Of course we all remember when ships were small enough that she would have called maintenance and gotten an ETA, but no.
Saw my room steward on the way out. “Was your shower fixed last night?” he asked. NO. At tis point I still don’t know when I will get my first decent shower of the cruise.
I am sitting in the Studio Stateroom complex right now, alone. I think this area is supposed to be where single people congregate, and truthfully there is no reason why they wouldn’t, except (as mentioned) the TV sets are not working. But I just talked to guy in another studio stateroom and his TV isn’t working either.
It would also be nice if they had a regular attendant here, he could talk to people and get them to stick around, but in fact the room is just dead – no activity. There was a bartender here last night, but no one is here today. There are pots of lukewarm coffee and some breakfast rolls. No magazines, programs, games, books, etc. I DVD player and a library of films would liven it up. But no.
It also is not a keyed off area as they said it would be. There is a steady stream of looky-loos peeking in. Myself, I may just stop coming here since it is literally about a 500 ft walk to get her from my studio stateroom. The common corridor runs almost the entire length of the ship. The living room is forward and I am almost fully aft.

But really I think this is a shame. I had high hopes that this setup would create a place for single people to find new friends on ships, but as I sit here I see a steady stream of people walking through and no one staying. I would probably feel more confident talking to them if my hair wasn’t all greasy and I didn’t smell like a homeless person.

June 25

I have some good news. I decided to sit in the living room for awhile to see if I could start a crowd of people sitting here. For the first 45 minutes people generally just walked through. I talked to a few. The people in the aft studio staterooms have the same shower problem as I have – only steaming hot water.

The people in the forward section of the ship do not have a working television in their studio staterooms. Many people are saying their telephones are not working. At least the wireless works very well.

Anyway, as I sat here for awhile and engaged people in conversation we suddenly had a group of about five single people having a very animated conversation. It was actually the most fun I have ever had as a single cruiser. It was a lively and diverse group from one 1st-time cruiser to a couple of very experienced cruisers.
This is how this room should be used. But now they have left and I am alone again. One man suggested they should put up a blackboard for single people to leave messages, “I am dining in Tastes at 8:00 tonight, if anyone cares to join me meet me out front at 7:50.” Excellent idea – take note NCL.
I have to say honestly – none of the people sitting here had anything nice to say about this ship. One woman said it was her second cruise, the first being on Queen Mary 2, and she wanted to get off after just 10 minutes onboard. She thinks the ship looks unglamorous, for lack of a better word. Another remarked on the fact that there is no focal point to the ship – no main atrium except the one area just two decks tall. Another mentioned that he didn’t like the idea of having to make reservations for every show. But I explained that is NCL and they actually take pride in the fact that this ship is diverse and does not herd all the passengers to the same activity at the same time. The largest theater only holds 680 people. I have no problem with that idea personally, I like it.

More on the Studio staterooms – they have no coffee maker and no hairdryers. The lights are pretty cool, you can do red, blue or violet or there is even setting to make them cycle through the colors. Of course there is absolutely no way to KNOW what you are doing with the lights. I thought I had them set up for typing when I noticed they were changing colors. Oh well, it’s fun anyway.
I recall Gene Sloan saying the studio staterooms have a better sink, and it is true. They also have solid doors on the toilets, not translucent glass. Funny that they would put solid doors on the staterooms where people live alone, but glass in the balcony staterooms where people share cabins. Well, the reason is that these studio staterooms were originally meant to be sold double occupancy, but let me tell you there is no way two people could live in one of these cabins, especially in Europe (where people pack more clothes, etc.)
He also mentioned the very shallow closets – true, and only hangars but no drawers. The closet drawers slide and the one under the sink only opens about 30% of the way, by design.
We had beautiful weather, but I just felt a list and the ship changing motion. The captain came on the say he was turning to avoid a storm off to one side. I guess we will have a chance to see how this ship sails in rougher water, but the good news the captain must feel pretty confident in the engines if he is willing to change course under such a tight deadline to get to New York in seven days.
More later – I have to go see if my shower is working.
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