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I can completely agree that it can get ridiculous if people want to legislate only the actions of others...

My issue in regards to smoking is that it is an action that DOES affect EVERYONE. And its one of the only legal acts in America that is a blatant slap to individual Civil Rights to Safety. I may have a right to swing my fist at someone but that right stops prior to touching that other person in anyway...smokers rights are completely different--their actions/choices are allowed to infest everyone around thems internal organs!

Avoiding second hand smoke is not always as easy as "shutting your door" or "avoiding certain areas of the ship"--you never know if you will have an extremely heavy smoker as your neighbor or one that wants to flirt with the "rules" and smoke in his room with his hallway door open as discussed above. Yay lets all board the 10 foot by 10 foot elevator with the person that just finished puffing away.

I am all about compromise so tell me what I am supposed to do directly? From what I understand its all about "avoidance" For the most part that can be done--no gambling, no piano lounge no disco stay off an entire side of the ships deck--How about my room? What steps as a non smoker do I need to take to insure that the room we are booked in was not booked before us by a heavy smoker that has coated the walls, drapes, carpets and mattress with the stench? Id be happy to take those steps, but there is no way to guarantee that it actually gets done the only way to be sure is to board the ship the day of our vacay and plan for a battle. Why should anyone have to arm themselves in order to take vacation?

Really my only option is to cancel and book with another cruise line- That then is not compromise. Thats one "side" having to give up completely-and its sad that its the victimized side that loses this battle, all for the mighty dollar.
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