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These are some great tips folks ;-) Love the idea of ziplocks.

Id love to hear how some families pack as well.

We are a family of 4--2 adults and 2 boys ages 10 and 8. I am thinking we will each have our own carry on size suitcase of clothes/shoes (4 suitcases) and then one additional carry on sized suitcase for everyones toiletries/Meds etc and one additional carry on sized suitcase for my sons "special diet" foods that are not available on the ship or in ports--which will then become empty and we can use for stuff we buy while on the trip.. so a family of 4 and 6 suitcases does this sound excessive?

I think I may make this next part its own thread separate but thought I would ask it here as well since it may affect how some of you all pack--Do you pack according to space in your room to "unpack" as well? How much does that play into what you decide to bring?

are there dressers and closets and places to stash empty suitcases in the cabins? (I realize this is going to be cruise line and room specific) but generally if you have a room that can accommodate 4 people in it is there room for 4 peoples "stuff" if say each person brought one carry on suitcase?
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