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I am 52 F who will be on the Epic in a Studio for the December 18 thru January 1st. I got excited about this ship because I will only have to pay for myself. Maybe my background is different but to have 100 square feet to just sleep, change, shower sounds like pretty good space for me. The idea of the Living Room where people can meet each other and see about doing things without any pressure just seems great. I am so looking forward to this trip and as far as price I think I got a great deal. I am on deck 12 mid-ship, I do not have to share with anyone if they get moody. I have been pricing trips to go by myself and nothing comes close to what I can get in the Studio on the Epic. I have had enough roommates that sharing for a cruise did not do it for me. I just hope that the other cruise lines pick up on how popular this idea is so that there can be more selection for trips. The social configuration has changed there are many more singles today with many wanting to enjoy this type of vacation but not many really want to take a chance on a total stranger (even if they end up being great friends) or have to end up paying for two when they are only one. This is just my opinion.
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