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Originally Posted by david30101 View Post
Nothing worse then going out on a balcony in middle of nowhere seeking fresh air instead my neibour was a HEAVY CIGAR smoker....and I smelled him instead.. Its ashame Paradise stopped there non smoking policy..I would of booked that ship every yr just for that benifit even if it went to the same place.
I would be willing to bet that if there was a all non smoking ship and a all smoking ship that the smoking ship would be more profitable then the non smoking ship. That is why the Paradise reverted back to being a regular style cruise ship, it wasn't making enough money to be viable.

Like others have said, Non smokers should just use the other lines who have tightened their regulations so much that you would find very few smokers there. Likewise though, please leave us smokers a cruise line so we can enjoy cruising too. I have said many times that 1 side of the ships cabins should be for smokers and the other side for non smokers, it would help to greatly eradicate the problems between the two.
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