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Default Tubing and zip line with Action Boys Belize

Just got back home from our Carnival Cruise. This was our second cruise to the Western Caribbean and it was the best. We did a combination of the cave tubing and zip line with “Action Boys Belize” . There were 27 of us in our group. We had 3 tour guides that were with us. Donald was the lead guide. He is a warehouse of knowledge. After Donald spoke for half an hour I was thinking that there was nothing else to say. David got the mic and started with Indian History and on he went. When we got to the site there was a long line. Donald stopped the group and told us that we will be passing the line, and just follow him and all will be just fine. We did as instructed. We walked to the front of the line. We were assisted with our gears and headed to the first platform. We had two experts that were assigned to us ( Donald worked this out ). They were kind and very polite. The zipping was a blast!

After the zip line we started our hike through the rain forest. As we hiked Donald did presentation on Medicinal Plants, Indian Culture, and Cave Systems. When we got to the cave entrance Donald gave instructions on what to and not to do. They formed a chain with the kids and Donald towed them whilst David towed the adults. Edward was a back-up guide. The tubing lasted an hour or so. After the tubing we headed to the City. Donald told us that we can add the Zoo to the day's activities with no extra cost. All we need to do was pay our entrance fees. This was nothing to debate on, so we went for the tour of the zoo since we had a lot of time. The tour

of the zoo lasted 40 minutes. We then continued to the City. We had lunch at a local restaurant. Rice, bean, and chicken was our lunch and it was good too. We were then taken back to the terminal to board our tender.

We had a great time in Belize. Thanks to Donald Ramirez and his team ( Action Boys Belize ). Just to pass this on, Action Boys Belize is made up of tour guides who came together to offer visitors to Belize their services at the lowest rates possible. They were all employed with the larger companies who do tours for the cruise lines. Their services are of high standard and doesn't cost mush We got a group discount of $85.00 for the zip line and tubing.

Highly recommended
Beris Gentle and group
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