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Chief,I was on the Dream back in Feb. and I honestly wish I could answer your questions but I don't remember even eating in the Ocean Plaza area or hardly what it looked like. We are Platinum so when we get aboard, we normally are ahead of a lot of the crowd and just head to the Lido buffet. I remember that on the Dream the Fish and Chips place ( that was on the Glory and some other Conquest class ships ) on the second level of the Buffet had been replaced by a pasta station. You place your order, they give you a little stand with a number and you sit that on your table and they bring your order to you when it's ready. I've never tried to eat lunch on any ship in the main dining room upon embarkation but I do not believe they serve lunch during
that time period. I have been in the dining room on lots of ships around noonish or so to check on table numbers and have yet to see them serving anyone during that general time period . I would just forget that part and head for the buffet or the Ocean Plaza.
Wish I could help you more but you'll have a great time and have more food than you can eat, regardless of where you get it !!
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