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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
If you have AT&T, Verizon or Sprint you will be charged $2.95/minute for cell phone usage while the ship is at sea. T-Mobile is $4.99/minute. This is the carriers charge and not the ship's. The charges will appear on your cell phone bill.

Depending on your plan using the phone in ports will probably be less per minute.

If you do wish to use your phone during your cruise, either on the ship or in ports, make sure you have International Roaming. Your carrier can add this feature to your plan. Most carriers do not charge for this feature but charge the per-minute charge for International usage.

Also shut off data. This will really run up your bill if you receive email or browse on the ship.

The best thing is to shut the phone off and only turn it on if you need to make a call.

Take care and enjoy your cruise.
Are you sure that T-Mobil charges more than the others? It doesn't seem right somehow unless T-Mobil wants their special cut.
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