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Originally Posted by SSH View Post
Hi everyone,

I must admit I was remiss by not replying after you all posted such helpful replies nearly three years ago. I have settled on the EO position. I recently cruised again as a passenger and was encouraged to consider the EO job by a crewmember when he heard what my major was in college. Since my last post, I have completed 2 of 4 years in a BS in Environmental Engineering program at a top 5 program in the US that has a reputation for producing hard-working graduates. I am hoping this well help to dispel some of the lazy American stereotypes. I also had the opportunity to intern at an a marine oil spill response tech facility, which I am hoping will somewhat make up for my lack of sea experience.

The point behind my post is to see if anyone has any other advice or new information that might be relevant. I think I am doing all I can, short of being in a marine academy, to make this dream come true. But if any of you can think of other things I should be doing, please let me know.

I also heard about a new cadet program RCI is running specifically to train EOs. Do any of you know about this? Would it be open to people at technical colleges instead of marine colleges?

Thanks again.

Hopefully I can answer some of your questions. I'm currently going to be a senior at a top Maritime Academy in the country. My major, Marine Safety Environmental Protection, basically caters to the Environmental Officer position. I went out to sea for 2 months my freshman year and will be going back out sea next winter for 2 months teaching freshman about my major. This summer, I did my internship at a Drydock Facility doing Environmental Health and Safety. The internship was actually a product of the "Ocean Fund" which is a stipend/grant given out by Caribbean to schools/organization to help with environmental safety/preservation/ that might be your reference to RC training cadets.

Here's a link to that:

Ocean Fund Grant Announcements - Royal Caribbean International

And under my "organization" or school's description of what the money is being used for, you can see the fine details:

"$25,000 to underwrite cooperative education stipends to train potential future maritime safety and environmental officers."

Hope this helped!
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