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I'd first like to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the family of this young man.
I'm new to this site, in fact I found it by searching for more info on the tragedy. My 14yr old daughter is severely allergic to peanuts/tree nuts, lentils and legumes. We took her on her first cruise 7 yrs ago on Princess. She has been on Princess twice and Carnival 1 time. We purposely avoided Norweign because of the anytime dining. ( At one time, I called Norweign and was told that they basically couldn't accomadate her). I always inform the ship about her allergy and make sure that we have a set time in the main dining room. I guess I just feel more comfortable having the same waiter every evening. We also go to meet the maitre'd upon our arrival. On the first cruise the maitre'd sent back a meal that the waiter brought our daughter because it wasn't made specifically for her. Every other cruise was the same with staff members going out of their way to accomadate her needs. I have read ingredients list for soft serve ice cream and other items but, I usually bring my own frozen deserts from a nut free bakery on board with me. I have seen signs about peanuts on the desert buffet on several cruises. I travel with about 7 epi pens and will be looking into IM benadryl as suggested by the other poster. I appreciate the experiences of other posters with the same situation as it helps me to learn more about traveling and the specific cruise lines in general.
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