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I agree, believe it or not, pretty much with everyone! The only singular exception would be I don't really hate American Pie, it's just that I don't like songs with stupid lyrics not to mention it's too long. I don't remember hearing Love Shack but I gotta feeling I'd be better off trying to keep it that way. When they first came out with Electric Rock I swear to you it sounded to me like the NY Philharmonic tuning their instruments in preparation for a concert interspersed with someone screaming as if they were being stabbed to death. 'Course, I have no taste whatsoever in music (as evinced by the fact that I love light opera, light classical, big band, 50's-60's, and early 70's rock'n roll, Broadway, Southern Gospel and Country equally well) so what the hell do I know?

Trivia....J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) was a popular DJ before he started his music career.

Contrary to popular belief, the lyrics to Louie-Louie (a number I also don't like but not because of the lyrics) are not in the least dirty or vulgar. I've forgot them James (I'm sure you could find them on the Internet), but I can tell you they're actually about a sailor who has to leave his girl behind as he has to go to sea. The Kingsmen neither wrote the song nor were they the first group to record it. I personally believe they made the lyrics purposefully unintelligible and then started that rumor that they were dirty, simply as a means to sell more records. In that, they obviously succeeded.

And as for RAP? Duhhhhhhhh.....................

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