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[QUOTE=Karen16;1310519]For your Denali park visit, in your timeframe, purchase the Eielson shuttle bus. You have the wrong idea with your "tour company" reference? If for Denali Park? I don't recommend the tour buses, and only one company- Aramark for independent visitors. You are too early for Kantishna, I believe? /QUOTE]

I need you explain what you meant about having the wrong idea with tour company. Are there tours to take us into the park or do we just take the shuttle in. We would like a tour that talks about the park and shows us the highlights. We don't really plan on hiking the park or anything like that.
Does the shuttle do that?
We have booked the 6/4/11 SB from Whittier and I am now planning the rest.
I was looking at Denali Park Hotel before and your suggestion seconds that for me so that is what we are doing there.
We plan on the Seward trip now, just not sure if we get there early enough to go to Seward the first day and stay there or stay in Anchorage the first night and then go to Seward for the day the next day??
We still need to book flights. What do you think about doing it through Princess with the new flight program the offer. Anybody use this yet? Is it any good?



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