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Good morning Donna, Laura, Manuel and all who follow.

Figured we would have heard from Hannibal by now vis-a-vis his knee replacement. Hope everything went alright.

Yes Manuel, it will be another hot one here as well. I believe we've already broken the record for the number of 90 F and above days we've had this year. At least it was not humid yesterday and don't think it's going to be today, either.

I'm so happy for you Laura and for Liam; you for your first cruise in many a moon and he for his first ever. I hope some of our crowd will be in that area of Florida when he is to welcome him to our country.

Fran is a bit more chipper this morning but I have to report is still running a low grade fever (100.7 F). I don't think her attitude is a false front but I hope it isn't.

If it's true to form, her fever will go away sometime this morning and return in late afternoon. She had a very restless night last night but didn't know it. She only has four days more to go on the Levaquin. If the temp doesn't go away for good after that, I don't know what we're going to do but we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Hope everyone has a grand Thursday and as per usual, prayers and a request for Blessings continue.

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