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Default don't worry so much

Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Sista, I agree with you that things in Mexico has probably gotten worse and on top of that, the media coverage has increased in spreading the news re / the violence, etc.
I also hope the people and Gov. of Mexico can re-gain control but in all honesty, what about here at home? I live in a city of a little less than 300,000 people and everyday it's on the news about robberies, shootings, muggings, rape, etc. and that's just my little kingdom. Take the whole U.S.A. and on any given day, we are usually the most violent nation in the world.
Crime has spread to most everywhere and what it will take to stop it is anyone's guess. Probably will only get worse.
I've cruised about 35 times or so, never had anything stolen,. never had a problem anywhere that I know of but right here in my own house a couple of weeks ago I had some people doing some drywall work and under my very nose one guy stole over $30,000 in jewelry. My wife is in the jewelry business and had accumulated many pieces over the past 35 years and now a lot of it's gone-- pawned, sold as scrap gold, etc. The thief is in jail, and has confessed that he stole from us , as well as other people he had done work for but that doesn't help get back our things, some of which belonged to our deceased parents. It's been a nightmare trying to see exactly what was taken, checking all the pawn shops, dealing with the police, etc, all because I wasn't vigilant enough to watch every move they made.
The next time anyone comes into my home to do any work, carpet cleaning, or what every, I'll be like bark on a tree to them with my Beretta in my pocket.
So, the point is unfortunately, crime is everywhere and can happen to anyone at anytime.
I'm off on a cruise in a couple weeks and one port is one of my favorites, Cozumel so hopefully there won't be any problems, unless I get drunk at Margaritaville and start a fight !!
Listen to your local news about local crime as this poster said. Crime of various types has always existed, but the news media now grabs onto anything and sensationalize it. Here in central Florida the media is thrilled to sensationalize. They even get excited if we are due for a thunderstorm. If one tree falls down, it makes the news making you think there had been a disaster everywhere.
Enjoy your cruise ports, it's not likely anything will happen in the crime line.
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