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Aloha to all

We are Guerry and Linda and currently live in NC. We moved here after Guerry retired from the Army so he could work for the Air Force. How's that for a switch? We are very excited about Get Lei'd 5. As a mater of fact the first CM (before it was Cruisemates) cruise we did was a Get Lei'd cruise. We met so many wonderful folks and have been "hooked" since. That wasn't our first cruise but it was the first with an organized "group" other than with family and or friends. We have done all but one of the Get Lei'd cruises and can't even remember why we had to miss that but it would have been something really significant to have kept us away as these are our favorites. The more sea days, the better.

We most likely won't do many or any of the shore excursions since we lived in HI for almost 10 years and will opt to visit friends and see how much the old homestead has changed. We are, however, going into LA on the 25th and staying a day after the cruise to get an early morning flight. We're at the Crown as I see some of you are so we'll have to do a meet and greet at the hotel.

The countdown clock is ticking but I wish it would go a bit faster. We just returned from a cruise, will be doing the CM Chef Matt cruise with CM's in about 6 weeks then only around 12 1/2 weeks until HI! Counting it that way makes it seem shorter to me.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Aloha!
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