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Default Here's my packing tip

Zip-lock bags. We discovered this a few cruises ago and now it is impossible to pack without them. I have a list with each day and what we need for that day. We use the snack size for any jewelry, Qt size for undies, swimsuit, t's, shorts. Usually several pairs/items in one bag; 2-2/1 gal for shoes. Even men's shoes will fit in the 2-2/1 or 3 qt sizes. All toiletries are in zip locks. Make-up in a ziplock goes into the bathroom. I also carry some extras of each size. Only things like cocktail dress, sundress, slacks, shirts, suit not in the baggies. Once onboard, I'm able to wipe out the drawers with antiseptic wipe, sling the zip locks into the drawers and I'm finished unpacking. Also, I never pack as many t-shirts as I will need because we always buy a couple on the ship or in ports. When I run out of t's, I use my purchased t'shirt. I carry some wire hangers to be able to quickly slide my clothes onto them and into the closet (they never have enough). Anything that looks wrinkled goes to the bathroom for a quick "steam." When we buy photos, we put the photo in the folder in a baggie. If our luggage ends up sitting on the pier in a pouring rain, pictures are never damaged. As we dirty clothes, they go into the baggies for a quick re-pack on last day/night. The filled baggies with dirty clothes are thrown as they accumulate into the empty suitcase. On the last day, most of my packing is completed. Half-empty toiletries may or may not get packed to go home. I can no longer travel without my zip locks. By the way, it saved us from an embarrasing airport incident when our luggage was picked to be gone through. The lady behind me had underwear, etc. dumped out on the table. All I had was a collection of baggies, which they mashed around on but didn't open. Everything stayed clean and neatly packed.
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