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Replied to your PM . . but for anyone else out there

all cabins come with sheets/blankets/towels - so unless you want to really make your cabin homey . . don't worry about those. (as I'm on a ship for a few contracts at a stretch, I do bring my own duvet cover, foamy pillows, blender . . you get the idea ;-) - Uniforms, 'time off' clothes, socks/shoes/underwear for a couple weeks, toiletries for a month and you'll be set. Nice thing about ships is anywhere in the world you are, mostly likely there will be useful ports with grocery and drug stores to stock up, and most ships have a 'slop chest' with relatively useful things.

When I was with NCL - they did send a packing list that was totally useless! It was for a cruise staff . . i.e social host type . . not for a tech - so you probably don't need any 'theme' night wear other than a tux. ANY type of staff position you will need formal night wear. (Tux for boys/cocktail dress or equivalent for girls)
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