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Originally Posted by puggo63 View Post
I live in Miami and one of the biggest sources of revenue comes from tourists spending time and money in Miami before/after a cruise due to the Port of Miami and the Port Everglades an hour away. People can complain all they want but the bottom line is the bottom line for cities and countries!
Well put, Agree with you.
In Victoria BC Canada , our cruise ship visits for the Alaska season bring in about 260 ships between April and October each year.
Our docks at Ogden Point have been upgraded for the largest ships and we have four main docks.
Our economy benefits from not only cruise ship passengers and crew but also the off load of items to be recycled and taking on fuel, provisions , maintenance while ship is docked and we now have annual upgrades from some of the cruise lines in our dry dock.
We now have a reputation of being able to service a ship for renovations within the allocated time frame of a few days to a few weeks and we have the infrastructure for the cruise lines to fly in and place in Hotels the specialised trades people.

Based on a 2005 study our economy benefited by more than 20 million dollars due to cruise ships in Victoria and this does not include trades and dry dock services.
This year the ships brought in more than 650,000 passengers if you multiply ship size and number of visits plus crew 234,000.
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