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Default Where to cruise

We have done Bermuda from Boston more than a dozen times...just love that island. Have done the N.E./Canadian cruise twice which is a wonderful and was underappreciated, last year the Amazon and years ago did the Caribbean several times and just this year we redid the Western Caribbean. There is no doubt in my mind that Europe is the place to cruise.. whether it's a trans-atlantic from Barcelona, Rome, Venice or wherever..or just cruise the Mediteranean.. in the fall by the way when there are less tourists and prices are reasonable, weather delightful (summers too hot without a/c in most places).. It seems IMHO that the Caribbean besides aiming at separating tourists from their $$ is filled with jewelry shops.. same old same old.. Guess I'm jaded.. but give me the Trevi Fountain in Rome to see and walk La Rambla in Barcelona.. and I really feel as if Im seeing part of the world I've only read about.. This upcoming trip.. the Pyramids in Egypt, The Wall in Jerusaleum, the Isle of Capri.. it certainly beats the chain of jewelry stores in the islands, snorkeling, visiting a turtle farm and endless drinking at the local bars.
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