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What are you reading other then the NY Post article?. In it there was no mention of anyone getting physical. Going by just what was mentioned in the story,and this is just one side of course, it says...

Minutes into their meal that day, the couple said, one of their dining companions told Sher to shut up, then added, "There are too many Jews on board."
Sher, who is Jewish, admits she got angry, shooting back, "F- - k you!" and "How dare you insult me!" before storming off to her stateroom.
The next morning, the ship's captain, Commodore Bernard Warner, knocked on the couple's cabin door.
"You insulted a fellow passenger. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the ship," he said, quoting from a manual.

When did the F bomb trump an anti semitic remark, as being more offensive?

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