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Originally Posted by MarkNYC View Post
Sadly, anti-semitism, racism, homophobia, ageism, etc. are all alive and well. But to suggest that Cunard is exceptionally problematic is senseless.
I am also Jewish, and don't really "look" Jewish. I regularly hear anti-semitic remarks even here in NYC.
I am also gay but don't "look" or "act" gay. I also hear anti-gay remarks.
Just look at the level of political and civil discourse in our society. Look at the politicians (on both sides) and watch their pandering to ignorant statements and making blanket statements about groups of people.
To consider someone an individual, rather than a member of a group, requires an active mind. Sadly many people have very dull, lazy intellects.
Even on this board, a thread about child molestation quickly received a posting that suggested that liberals would be more tolerant. With that low level of discourse, how can we expect better?
I too am jewish and do not look jewish .Living in NYC most of my life I have heard a lot of antisemitic remarks .I can understand Mark's point very well. At one time I worked in the same building as Barney Frank and often would be in the elevator with him .After he would get off there were people in the elevator making antisemitic and anti gay remarks .Sometimes while he was still in the elevator .

Each of my parents lost siblings in concentration camps .The holocaust is something that should never be forgotten but alas too many people have .
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