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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I think with the long with the list of infractions, this boorish couple has with the Captain, this incident was the last straw. Knowing he had a back to back cruise with this couple ahead, he had visions of crazy, dancing in his head. So, in this case, the f bomb trumped an anti semitic remark. Removing them was easy, and their past history made it so...Had the remarks been said to anyone else, who was just minding their own business, the "other" person might have been the one removed.

I am not surprised by Arrison's remark, but, disappointed. That his remark was short, was intentional. To have explained further, he would have then had to justify the handling of the situation, to groups, he would rather not.

People will read into his response differently, as we just read.....
I personally see nothing wrong in what Arison said to Paul .The NY Post to myself and many others is a step above the National Inquirer .Its known for its "sensationalism" .The fact that this story did not continue beyond the initial reporting is indicative that there was merit to the actions of the Captain .
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