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Sure Paul!
St Lucia is my favorite island so far. Took the Drive-In Volcano/Island tour. Felt like I saw a good part of the island. Travelled through a smallish fishing + village, narrow streets and houses all painted in pastels. I swear I remember a chicken--but that could be my imagination! Saw local ladies doing laundry in a river near the ocean, "hanging" their clothes on rocks to dry in the sun.
Our guide was very knowledgable and also a fun gal. The ship tour was supposed to be around 3 hours, but we spent 5-6 hours exploring the island, with several stops other than advertised stops. Not the best hot sulfur bath spot, but I cherish the photo of me "bathing" in it! Since I'll be there again 2 times (end Jan-Feb 2011) I'll buy a good supply of locally made sulfur soap--which I should have bought in 2009. Had a good view of The Pitons.
We're undecided about what to do for our upcoming visits. I'd appreciate any ideas.
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