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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
You've heard the story of David & Tiffany Hartley who were jet skiing on Falcon lake last week when attacked and he was shot by suspected drug dealers. Finally the Mexican Gov't decided to believe or at least investigate the situation from their side of the border. One day after appointing an investigator, his head was delivered to the military in a suitcase. ONE DAY! I'm not seeing much press about this and it just happened. Six were murdered just a few block from my barber in Cozumel last year so it does happen in tourist areas.

CNN report

I go to Mexico a lot, but to say that it is completely safe for tourists would be not be true. There is a risk, it's up to each person to determine that risk for themselves.

BTW--The drug cartels can reach anyone anywhere in Mexico.

But again...the American's who were attacked went out to the "Mexico" side of that lake where it has had a history of violence. That lake straddles the US/Mexico border which is exactly where the MAJORITY of the violence occurs.

No one can ever claim that any tourist area is completely safe whether it is in Mexico, France, Germany, United States etc. Look at the crime stats for cities in Europe...check out Paris alone. How many news reports do you hear talking about the robberies and muggings other crimes against tourists in Paris? We hear ZERO yet they happen all the time.

How many people were murdered in Houston over the past month?

Houston crime map

What if other countries looked at our crime rate and issued warnings to stay away from our major cities because of the rise in violent crime? We would think they were absurd.
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