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Just remember what I say...when you get on you will just look at each other & say! we got in the cabin & my wife said ''I could do a world cruise in THIS'' not huge, similar to our usual cabin on Arcadia but just so much nicer.. then the bathroom. All at least one star better than P&O, & I like P&O, just hope our cruise on Azura is as nice, ship wise. The Aqua class cabins are the same as a standard, the only benefit I could see was Blu & early boarding. On the subject of boarding we have done two =X= cruises & both we were on the ship within a very short time indeed, unlike P&O, with the exception of Artemis, we can be there for hours sometimes at the old terminal, new one is ok.
One thing though TIPS, these are added to your account (I like this personally) & it's US$12 per person per day...and you pay 15% on all drinks too.

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