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Hello Queen of Diamonds,

Thanks for all your information.

Yes I am a frequent traveller globally as work for an airline (ground job) and am aware of regulations in terms of meat/poultry etc that cannot be carried to certain / most countries. My question was more in terms of carrying indian home made bread for my parents as they are vegetarians and prefer asian / indian style meals (which I have already requested with the cruise) and may not get it in case of being out during shore excursions.

Thanks for the tips on 'Tips' for room service / porterage charges.

Any idea if i will be able to book the shore excursions on arrival at the ports of call ? I find the excursions listed on the RC website quiet highly priced.

Cheers and appreciate all your help.. am a 1st timer on a cruise and that too along with family... hope they enjoy it ...i know i will
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