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Default Very true ,however

Originally Posted by sistagoldenhair View Post
Doesnt anyone remember the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962? America isn't ignoring Cuba, there is a trade embaro in place. Castro wasnt "elected" president - he ousted the govermnent via military coup, so it's not like the people of Cuba had a choice.

I hope his brother Raul Castro who has been appointed by Fidel to take over the dictatorship will some day work with the US to allow Americans to travel to Cuba. There was an article in the Havana Journal in March of 2009 that mentions travel may someday soon be allowed.

I've seen the island from cruises I've been on that pass by there, and it looks so beautiful!!! I would love to cruise there.
There are many right wing dictatorship countries where the US government has never had a problem with Americans vacationing there .
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