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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I will try to explain...S L O W L Y....when I say I don't care much about dress codes I mean I don't care if there is one or not, what I think is important AND good manners is to respect any codes that are in you see? If there is no code we dress as we like, if there is a code we respect it. As for comfort, if your clothes fit properly it should matter little what you wear.
I do think that people should be made aware of any dress codes & sign to accept that if they don't stick to them they will have limited or no access to certain areas.
Well said. I cruise to enjoy the ambiance and itineraries. If you wish to dress like slobs, so be it, but don't be surprised if you are denied access to certain dining rooms, etc. Buffet service is always available should you choose to dress casually. Just don't show up in the DR in jeans and a baseball cap.
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