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Default Housekeeping job on board

Hi Mokihana,

I have a lot of question about job in NCLA. I appreciate a lot if you can share with me your experience on NCLA.

1. Do you know the salary for Cabin Stewardess (Because i applied for this position, i had to apply this position because i only have experience with Star Cruises - Asian cruise company- and they paid monthly. But now i live in USA so they must pay hourly)
2. If NCLA count 40 hour/week so if i work 84 hour/week then the overtime pay should be 44 hour.
3. Can i transfer to NCL International and still get pay hourly (as i know most of the Cruise Line International paid the Asian crew monthly about $700/month for position Laundry Attendant). I if i work for NCL International then i also get pay monthly?
4.Can you tell me somthing about Housekeeping Crew on NCL ( i know they are American but are they white or Asian - Chinese or Spanish or Philipino?). And what kind of uniform are they wearing? Black shoes or white.
The reason i ask this question because i need to know their uniform so i can bring the right things when i sign on. I used to bring the wrong things on my first contract then i got a lot of trouble before.
5. I live in Seattle. Can you suggest me to buy cell phone and sim card in Seattle or i should get it in Hawaii for beter sinal.
Thanks a lot
Thien Ly
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