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Default Re: CruiseMates Hawaii Cruise is HOT HOT HOT

bailey616 wrote:
> Hey Kuki,
> Seem like real deal to travel with you and Mrs. Kuki! It's
> the golf part that is swaying Bud! Any idea how much golf
> will happen on this trip??

We'd LOVE to cruise with U and Bud again!!! Tell Bud I'm still a lousy golfer, but much better than last time. I actually play some now.

There will be LOTS of optional golf games. I expect Bud would be able to play 4 games minimum (more if u come to Honolulu a day or two earlu))

We'll set them up in advance on every island, as well as a couple in or around Honolulu for those coming in early. I've got a friend from here who is a golf writer for our local newspaper. He informed me today he's going to join us, and will take charge of setting up some fun "games" and calloways to entertain the golfers in the crowd.

Hope u guys decide to join us.. at these prices.. U'd be silly not to!!!

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