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I still fail to see how our " freedoms " are being taken away. As terrorism grows, as it has over the past few years and will undoubtedly continue to do so, they will become more sophisticated in their methods, which means we have to either surrender to them or continue to try to thwart their plans as we go along.
No one is denied the right or freedom to travel anywhere they choose
nor the method of how they choose to get there. There's speed limits on the roads to try to help people keep from killing each other--there's laws against driving drunk to help save lives--there's already security in place in court houses, there's laws against having firearms on school property and if I'm not mistaken some schools already have scanners to detect metallic objects such as guns and knives from being brought into schools. However on that point, if we have more stringent security measures in place in schools, maybe some of these mass killings would have been preventable. Just last week here in my town a kid in high school was found to have a loaded handgun in his possession. Luckily some other kid saw it and wasn't afraid to tell someone who got the gun without any one being hurt. What would the kid have done if someone one hadn't found out about him having it? We can't say for sure but you wouldn't necessarily take a loaded gun into school just for the fun of it.Yes, I can forsee the day when scanners, etc. will be in every school in order to save some kids life or several kids lives. What freedom have we lost there--except the freedom to go to school without being worried about being killed in history class.
Regarding cruises, yes-- the security, by necessity will become even more strict than it is now. Will that take away my freedom? Hardly. I can still cruise if I choose to, cruise the line I choose, the itin. I choose and the cabin I choose. It just will make my cruise more secure--doesn't mean that something won't happen but it lessens the chance that it will.
I'm not saying at all that the scanners, patting, etc. will stop terorists, but It will help. Stopping idiots for blowing up things will probably never be entirely eliminated but if we just sit back and say, oh well, we don't want to infringe upon someone's supposed " rights" then travel would basically come to a standstill.
Regarding the comments made about inserting explosives in body cavities, there's a real possibility of that. How about women who have breast implants that are actually explosives instead of harmless gel? I'm not sure, I may be wrong on that, but it seems that that has already happened somewhere in the middle East. So, I agree that there's no real solution and the patting, scanning, etc. isn't going to eliminate entirely the threats. But we cannot afford not to do whatever we have to do to protect as many people as we can.
Now having said all that, I can see how the Government in Washington works--or doesn't work-- no one can agree on anything--this thread reminds me of that bunch we send back year after year called--- I can hardly bear to say the word---CONGRESS !!! So, some of us must be Democrats and some of us must be Republicans on here !!! ;-) ;-)
Anyway, to all who travel on the upcoming holiday, however you get there, hope you make it safe and sound--if you get patted, try to enjoy it--who knows --if you've never been patted, you just might find another side of yourself! If you get scanned, hope you have something to be proud of!!
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