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* Pack different?

definitely. I always find I take too many clothes. You really do not get that "dirty" aboard a cruise ship - so you can actualy wear the same socks two days in a row.

* Plan different?
* Pick a different stateroom?

I like a standaard balcony.

* Pick a different dinning room time?
* Choose a different sailing itinerary?

The itinerary is always an important consideration. Probably #1, so I wouls say I doubt I would do much diferently.

* Spend less on ?????
* Spend less on photos?

I never spend anything on photos.

* Drink less?

Yes - I do not like felling like I drank too much and missed something I wanted to do.

* Eat less?
* Book a cruise longer than the last one?
* Do more or less in port excursions?

When I indulge in port I am usually glad I did. I am not one to stay onboard - except in the Caribbean where I have seen as much as I need to see.

* Stay on board the ship at some ports?

Not really - unless there is something on board you really want to do (spa, swim, exercise, nap...)
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