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I have to address this issue, having just come off the Miracle last week, and having just posted my thoughts on this subject in my pictorial review found on the Chit Chat board.
There was indeed, a one-man band called "Calypso", although I called him "Rasta Man". He had a steel drum and a synthesizer with pre-recorded music which was OK, but he could NOT sing worth a dime. How he ever made it through the audition and got hired is beyond me.
I would have liked to enjoy some Calypso music by the main pool, but every time I saw him come on, I'd run in the other direction, it was really that unbearable. On the last day I went to the main pool for afternoon trivia, which for some reason never happened. Instead, Rasta Man showed up with a partner on guitar and I left as fast as I could, but not before being subjected to some of the worst music ever heard on a cruise ship.

What is Carnival thinking?

Oh, and Trip? I still play that CD in my car and I still LOVE that Ragga Ragga song!

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