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Default To answer some questions for HAL passengers

Just got back from Westerdam on Friday (Fri to Fri cruise) and I noticed that there were some questions on prior posts. Maybe my response will be of help.
LeCirque at Pinnacle Grill had just started and was held on Tuesday evening. Price was $39/pp whereas regular nights was only $20 pp. They had not received the glasses/stemware/dishes yet so they used their regular Bulgari. Here is the menu: Appetizer was Lobster Salad "LeCirque." This was poached lobster with haricot vert and citrus. I do not eat fish so I just received the dish minus the lobster. It was basically bib lettuce, string beans, some grapefruit, and cherry tomatoes (which were absolutely delicious) in a nice vinegrette. The soup was Sweet Corn Soup: corn fritters, wood ear mushrooms, and basil. This was ok, not too sweet, and they did not fill the bowl. Presentation, however, was great on all dishes. Main courses were: Wild Halibut (leek fondue, Rocca DiFrasinello sauce), Rack of Lamb (goat cheese panisse, artichokes, and arugula--hubby said it was better than the PG's lamb), and Cote de Boeuf )aged prime rib strip steak, horseradish flan, sweet and sour baby beets. This is usually for 2 but I ordered it and they made it for one. It was very good, even well done (which is how I order it). The side dishes were seasonal veggies and pommes dauphine (to die for, a smaller tater tot, extremely crispy on the outside and very creamy on inside!). Desserts were chocolate souffle with vanilla gelato (I had this and thought that PG choc souffle was better--this deflated and I understand for most of the passengers, it did so as well; creme brulee leCirque, and assortment of sorbets (hubby had this and we agreed PG's sorbets were better). We did not have the accompanying wine with each course--I think that was an additional $20 pp. The chef cooks each dish with LeC's own recipe so if you have eaten in the restaurant, it should taste the same.

Ok, for those asking about the Dutch Dessert Extravaganza, it was held on Wed eve at 10:30 (you can photograph at 10:15). This was a sea day, as was the next day.

Master Chef's Dinner was last night, Thursday which happened to be Thanksgiving. Over 400 traditional turkey dinners were served on board, including PG.

New in casino: you could put dollar bills into slots (no coins), but you received credit on your seapass card which you could redeem or put in another machine. No cash ever came out of machines. Slots were horrendous. Had 2cent, 5 cent, 25 cent, dollar and five dollar slots--not a good selection and very small. Payoffs were not good; better on roulette.

I have menus from main dining room and programs as well, so if anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them.

All in all, good cruise--beautiful stateroom--all the way aft on extreme starboard side--veranda wrapped around and had 2 lounge chairs, 2 tables with 4 chairs, and another two chairs with table and hassock for each. Still had plenty of room to walk, move about, and put maybe another 2 or 3 loungers there as well. Ship still well maintained, though you can tell she is an older ship. Meals were better in Lido (lunch) and PG. Still beautiful flower arrangements.

Also new were now walking tours with ship's staff instead of ipod use to view art work. Behind the scenes galley and theater tour--see a Bob Mackie $10,000 dress still available; culinary and computer classes still favorites. They also showed football on Sunday and Thanksgiving with special feeds in Sports Bar and Queens Culinary Arts Center on big screens, along with pigs in blanket, sliders, tacos, subs, and fixings.

I would recommend this ship to all! :-D:-D:-D
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