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I agree with Ken, our CD was definitely elusive. He did not appear at any public function, except the first Welcome Aboard Show. I never saw him out and about except once as he passed through Horatio's (buffet) and when I said "hello Malcolm", he never even looked at me.
His assistant CD William, or as he said it, "Weeel-i-yuuuummmm" was so obnoxious with his overdone fake South African accent he came off looking like a pompous as$! Another entertainment staffer, Levi, from New Zealand was SO hard to understand that doing Trivia with him we needed an interpeter. Then there was Michael, who after the karaoke incident was not seen for days anywhere. I did see him near the end of the week at the Captain's repeat passenger party.
And seriously, the one female entertainment staff, her name was "Sparkles"...

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