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The whole concept of charging extra for this rubs me the wrong way. And I am particularly opposed to special considerations only for suite guests.

It seems as if NCL wants to go back to a two class experience. I don't like the concept, but I can see it. Make one or more decks first class; include inside rooms, outside rooms, and suites so that solo passengers like me, families traveling together, and other people who won't buy a suite can take advantage of the benefits. Charge proportionally more for the cruise for these passengers, and give them [include] first class perks like better seating, premium meals, priority boarding and tendering. To just limit these perks to suite passengers is patently unfair to other people. I doubt that any cruise line would be happy selling me a suite when I sail by myself.

They can also offer a tourist class that gets a room, food at the buffet, and use of the pool and casino.

This way we can choose the cruise experience we want, we pay for what we want to use when we book the vacation.

As I said, I don't like this idea, but this seems to be the way NCL is going. More power to them, if this is their design. But the way you described it in the poll and introductory post was not a fair way to implement it.
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