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Listen you all!!!

I am VERY glad you are here. And so you know our members seldom get into trouble and the only people wehave ever banned were because they picked fights with US about non-cruise topics.

As long as you respect the right of other people to have different opinions you will never be banned. That means you say "I disagree" but not "anyone who would say that is an ignoramus." See the difference?

I had one guy I banned (Captain America) who got mad at a Brit who had insulted Americans. Cappy came after ME and said "either you force him to apologize or I demand your resignation!!!"

I said "wait a minute, I don't even work for you."

Then he got all huffy about me being a communist or something. He started writing letters to management, it was just ridiculous. So we banned him.

We have even let certain people come back.

But I can say we have never banned anyone for being negative on a cruise line EXCEPT in one case where they just would not stop stealing every single thread in the NCL board and it turning it into a discussion on a topic where they had actually filed a lawsuit.

I have had staffmembers quit because I refused to ban people who were obnoxious but still following the rules. That's how strongly we feel about the right to express an opinion, good or bad, about a cruise line here.
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