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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Diebroke - if you have better suggestions I will change them. I originally had something else but I was over-ruled.
How about "Person"? (That will distinguish us from our pets who may choose to post.)
The good news is that now that I have successfully achieved the giant leap from Beginner to Passenger, my posts will no doubt be more enlightened & insightful and will be read with more interest.
Seriously, I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by giving us labels. If it is to guide the reader in establishing the credibility of the poster, maybe it would be useful to require us to post the number of (luxury) cruises we’ve been on, the number of countries we’ve visited, the number of Michelin starred restaurants we’ve eaten in, the number of frequent flyer miles we have, our status in various hotel frequent stayer programs, our college degrees, our net worth, and our IQ. At least on the CC boards, and in particular the Regent CC boards, I have not found a correlation between the number of posts someone has made and the wisdom of their posts (as judged by me.)
Another option would be to just let the reader judge the usefulness of the information & its credibility based on the content of the post itself and the history of that person’s posts. Over time, we all develop a web personality that is unique and people learn whose advice to pay attention to & whose to ignore.

In the meantime, you are welcome to give me any label you like. I am sure it will be far better than some of the labels others have attached to me.
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