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Originally Posted by Ryan N Olivia View Post
We have been hearing rumors surrounding a more restrictive smoking policy and an interactive television poised to go fleet wide. Anyone else here this?

Just back from the Eurodam this afternoon.

I asked the Hotel Manager about interactive tv and he said the Eurodam and Noordam are wired for it but it has not been actived yet. Eventually I guess all ships will have it.

Heard nothing about more restricted smoking, but they are still including the form asking for your opinion in the On Board Survey.

Even though I am a smoker, I do wish they would ban it in the Casino. I saw 2 women at the slots one day dropping their cigarette ashes on the carpeting even though both had ashtrays beside them. I guess they can't multitask - pull the handle on the machine and flick the ash into the ashtray at the same time.
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