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It started at 2:15am +2 GMT. The actual listing event probably lasted about 5 minutes although it felt like an eternity. Each list took about 10 to 15 seconds to throw us from one side to the other. Then it hung, seemingly motionless, silent for a few seconds, and began to list back the other way. We were lifted to 10 degrees off perpindicular according to Captain Nick. For all intents and purposes we were on our side at the end of each list. So figure about 20 good heels before she was righted enough to actually stand up and be able to balance your self.

The storm itself began just minutes after we left Rhodes. And we were in "very high seas" from then until well into Monday evening, with the heeling event being the peak of winds, wave and roll. Captain Nick warned us of potential "high seas" when we left port at Rhodes, so reports that the weather forecasts were "twice what was predicted" is a twist of the truth.

Waves at peak were about 60 feet. I know from our deck 7 balcony they were at least eye level. Monsters. Literally. Every wave a deadly wall of water. It was horrifying. Winds according to the tracking channel on the stateroom TV just before the heeling incident were maximum 82, average 70 mph or so.

When the ship listed starboard I was bracing against the frame of the sliding glass door and staring straight down at the foam. My partner had managed to crawl to the other side of the room; he was attempting to hold things down to prevent damage and injury. But that became a fruitless venture. When it listed to port I was staring straight into the dark sky although there was nothing to see but black. But you could sense by the feel of the gravity, and all of the loose items rolling like boulders in a rock slide, the bed just on the verge of leaving the floor that we were as far as it goes without tipping over. I've heard subsequent reports of staterooms on 7 taking on water. But I'm not sure if that was from waves or from actual dipping, although I wouldn't be shocked by the latter. It was definately possible in my opinion.

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